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Friendship   Club
Welcome to the world renowned Friendship Club. Here we find  a group of well respected professionals who have achieved most of their desired goals, have invested wisely and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor.

The Individuals are currently residing in countries across the world and meet twice yearly for membership seminars in Las Vagas and Miami, Florida. The Las Vegas event is held  during the Spring and the Miami event in the winter. Our president and main speaker, from London, England, spends most of his time between seminars in Montego Bay, Jamaica. His top priority during these periods, is the preparation of agendas for seminar activities.

The president is constantly in touch with North American representatives responsible for organizing food, entertainment, loging and securing seminar locations. The FriendshipClub Members list can be viewed by all visitors to this site, however, changes to membership data, can only be  performed by authorized individuals. The display feature of this site shows some of the many areas where members live or have visited over the years.

To become a member of the FriendshipClub, contact Customer Service at:FCNew-Mem@FCM.com or call 555-555-5555. Your request will be processed as soon as possible.   

Paul R....Senior Representative.