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This website showcase development that was done through: Microsoft Visual Studio (.NET Framework, ASP.NET, C#, XML, Stored Procedure), SQL Server, HTML, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and Adobe Imaging software. Included here are samples of sites that can be developed to meet the needs of interested parties. For creation or enhancement of websites, forward an Email by clicking on the Web Service Request link. The More Services link will provide more choices for service request. *** Please be advised, that this site does not provide models to be copied and used for any development. The site demonstrates functionality of technology that can be utilized in web-development.
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Web Development Information from those who know

Information for developers and tech savvy web users to obtain knowledge and buildup skills to show the world your creative side. Creators of software have made their inventions available to everyone for use in their own creations, similar to that described in the section above.

Additional information will be made available for curious and inquiring minds.
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